Thursday, January 29, 2009


Met a girl today who looks like the cheerleader from Heroes - exactly the same smile.

Anyway, she said two of her teeth were 'sinking'. Turns out she had ankylosed lower deciduous teeth.

Having only heard of it in fabled lectures I was naturally rather excited. Cheerfully went to tap on the teeth to see if they really did make a more 'metallic' sound compared to non-ankylosed teeth.

Well, guess what? It did.

Made my day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Got my first paycheck.

Thought it would be a little bit more exhilarating than what it would be.

However, fact of life is that tax exists and my boss had already done me the favour of taking it out to save me the pain later.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sometimes I feel Milton will never be housetrained.


Have decided after a lot of thought that this will not do - he will never get housetrained at the rate he's going. It's just too hard - the house is too big and the laundry room is just too far away for him to chalk up the motivation to drag himself all the way there.

The only answer is to confine him to the second living room of the house which has timber flooring (easier cleanup) and is the nearest to the laundry room. That way hopefully he catches on quicker and doesn't have such a journey to make whenever he has to go so he'll be more motivated to do the right thing.

That's the theory, anyway.

And no more sleeping in my room!


Spent the entire day doing distal restorations. I am heartily sick and tired of trying to see what's going on!!

Why can't people get an even number of decay - some at the front and some at the back?

Nooo, they have to have decay not only on their back teeth, but on the back surface of their back teeth!

On another note, Milton will be neutered tomorrow. Hope he goes well with it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


The nurse I work with at my practice brought a packet of jelly snakes to work. It then became customary for me to eat one after each patient and after work on Friday, the craving was so strong I had to buy packet home.

Been going through it steadily since then.

Woke up at 11.30am today to pay off my sleep debt of the week - I was only getting 7 hours a day, which I know by many people's standard is enough but not for me by a long shot. I'm more of a 10 hour a day person.

Milton - Looking at me quizzically while I'm watching Nadal on tv. I don't think he understands why I periodically shriek at the tv whenever there's a particularly good or bad point.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

Took Milton out on a long deserved walk and bumped into a couple of neighbours, who promptly informed me that I was the youngest person living on the street by at least 20 years.

Turns out Benalla is a retirement town. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised - all my patients so far have either been over 40, raising a young family or retired - or under 18, living with their parents.

Another interesting fact was that there are at least another 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels living on this same very street! Met 2 of them today - a Ruby and a Blenheim.

Milton is also the baby of the street - all the dogs here are at least 8 years old.

So that's that.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just as I proudly said that Milton was housetrained, he decided to prove me wrong by making 3 mistakes in a row.

I kind of understand - the poor boy has been seeing me and only me for the past 3 weeks and doesn't really get out much. It's his way of paying me back.

Good news is that my housemates will be arriving soon, which will provide some variety for him I'm sure. But for now, it's crating for him for the whole day when I'm away.

Milton In Crate - Let me outtt....there's so many things to chew outside of this crate!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When All Is Not Numb....

Use Articaine.

My new best friend.

Chocolate Tart

Decided to do some baking and made a chocolate tart and a few mini ones from the leftover dough and chocolate ganache of the larger.

Quite fun - rather relaxing although Milton was hanging around the kitchen constantly tripping me up, hoping for some crumbs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My First Day

Went to work today feeling a bit nervous but decided that you know what - I can do this.

The day turned out pretty well, mostly because I had a superb nurse who pretty much did everything for me. All I had to do was pick up the drill and talk to the patient (which honestly, isn't that what dentistry is really about rather than what they put us through in uni?) Am so grateful I graduated.

Preparing to watch Nadal tonight.


Bought Milton's monthly deworming thing from eBay, which sells it at about half price compared to what you'd have to pay at the vet. Even then it's still not cheap.

Am watching Australian Open as we speak - although quite annoyed that the Australian TV commentators are so biased towards their players. When an Australian makes a mistake it's 'a difficult shot'. When a non-Australian makes a mistake, it's 'not up to the professional level'.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time Wasters

Been cooking a lot to pass the time. Seeing that it's so hot in Benalla, made some konnyaku jelly to tide me over the heat.

Aggravatingly, I have this premonition that this constant free flow of baked goods and sweet things is starting to catch up to me - soon I doubt I will be 45kg any longer.

Had actually thought that I do not care what I wear to work seeing that it's honestly not a big deal but am now realizing that I do care. And realizing I don't like anything summery in my wardrobe (I like my winter wardrobe a lot better). Should probably go on a shopping trip sometime soon.

Milton bored - Mommy, I want to meet new people!!!

Which is why he'll be going to puppy preschool soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

House Browsing

One of my favourite past times is to look at houses online.

Am absolutely in love with this house! Not so much the house itself perhaps, although it is lovely - but the well established greenery surrounding it!

And the bathroom has 2 sinks! I always wanted a 2 sink bathroom!

Of course, it's probably at least AUD3 million, very likely more.


Sheepskin Rug

I unpacked the sheepskin rug and decided that it should go on my bedroom floor.

The moment Milton came into the room he made a straight beeline for it and parked himself there.

I told you he knows what's the most comfortable spot in the house.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Woke up early this morning and after Milton's morning chicken wing, I mopped up the laundry area, unpacked another 1/2 of a box (yes, I unpack very slowly) and proceeded to look for something fun to do.

After looking at the backlog of recipes that I have to try, decided to go for banana chocolate chip muffins.

Turned out really well! Decided it was 'gift worthy' and brought some over to the neighbour's but they weren't home. Will try again later today.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Australian Open

Australian Open is starting soon. Very excited!

Was very aggravated when the Sports News in Australia only featured Australians though. Do we really want to know what unseeded Australian players had for their draw?? Maybe talking about the Top 10 players would be of more interest!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Milton's ears are getting longer and longer. So long that they dip into his water bowl and food bowl.

As a result, now when he eats, this is what he looks like:

My unpacking is 80% complete.

Quite excited that all the boxes are finally going to be empty and then I can do some final tweakings to the arrangement of everything in the apartment. Then this will be somewhat home-like.

Baked a batch of blueberry muffins yesterday. I can't quite decide if it's good enough to be given away and therefore have been eating one after another, trying to conclude if they're of 'gift quality'. At the rate I'm going there won't be any left to give!

Have packed away more clothes and shoes to give away - I think I only wear about 20% of my wardrobe. Would love to toss out everything and start fresh but must not do anything rash - there are no decent clothing stores in this town.

Am resolving to try to procrastinate less.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Now he has practically peed and poo-ed in every single room in the house - except where he's supposed to go.

I could strangle him. I really could.


The Dental Board of Victoria has cleverly screwed up the name on my registration as a dentist and now I can't apply for everything because I don't have my registration.

It's extremely stressful seeing that I start work next week. And my PR application deadline is pretty much the 15th of March and I need my skills to be assessed (right, because being registered with the Victorian Dental Board and being a graduate from the University of Melbourne isn't enough) and that takes freaking 4-6 weeks!

Argh argh argh argh argh!!!!!!

Pulling hair.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I've finally gotten my broadband!

A huge relief - was very fed up of slow downloading speeds and the fact that I had to log off every time I wanted to make a phone call. Very troublesome. Will put up some photos soon.

Went to Aldi yesterday and bought blueberries, blackberries and strawberries for all about 2 dollars a punnet - which was almost unheard of. Will be baking some muffins/tarts/something or other with them soon. Was thinking about doing it today but realized that it's going to be burning hot (40 Celcius) so I might give baking a pass today and maybe make some konyaku jelly instead.

Milton is still stubbornly refusing to be toilet trained - I think I'm giving him too much freedom too soon. Might have to go back to the traditional crate training again. He doesn't deserve a play pen.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

7pm, 10th of January 2009

I decided that I was not going to continue watching Mary Poppins on tv (frankly, after the first hour I realized it was going to be a tad tedious) and decided to take Milton out for an evening walk.

It was 7pm and my entire neighbourhood was deserted - did not meet a single soul. Clearly people in the country lock up early.

Milton's toilet training has been very erratic. Very upsetting. What have I done wrong?! Annoys me even more that he was close to 100% in the previous home and now he's down to about 80%.

Am waiting for my broadband to come next week. Been watching movies to pass time although I'm still sitting in a house that's still about 40% unpacked. Most of it are my study notes and clothes.

Study notes because who cares about studying anymore and clothes because what's the point in unpacking when I just wear the same 3-4 outfits day in day out and guess what? Nobody cares.

Back to the DVD player. I think I'm going to watch... Scrubs.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bones Aching

Went to sleep last night but just couldn't fall asleep. For some reason my whole entire body was aching and the beginnings of a sore throat was looming.

Was also very paranoid that someone would break into the house. I didn't think that I would be that scared about such a thing occurring but I guess last night I let my mind get away with me and had a full blown panic attack.

I had left Milton outside in his play pen but in the middle of the night decided to bring him back into my room just for reassurance's sake. As if a little baby Cavalier can do anything to help me. But it was comforting to know I wasn't alone.

Feeling miserable.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

He's Done It Again

Milton has cleverly scratched his cornea. Again.

On the same eye too - only this time it's on the left side instead of the right.

Happily I still have the medication from the previous scratch. Silly boy - I can only wonder what he has been doing with himself.

Telstra says I'll only get my broadband next week. It's okay, I think I can survive as long as I keep going to the library and getting more books to read. Have already gone through 4 in less than 24 hours.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Library

I made my way to the library today knowing that I had to find as much entertainment as possible. Was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a huge array of craft books available - way more than what the city library had. I guess it means people out here spend a lot of their time doing crafts.

Saw quite a few things I wouldn't mind learning - napkin folding, knitted toys and small gift making. However, I decided to borrow Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban for a repeat read as well as a few childish trashy DVDS (so childish and trashy, I'm not going to name them).

Other than that, have been spending time unpacking. Question to readers - my dishwasher seems to only accept liquid dishwashing detergent, not tablets. Is that normal or am I an idiot who has not seen some other way to put in the tablets? Very confused.

Milton has been pretty happy here - this house is 3 times the size of the apartment so he can run around to his heart's content - inside. It's so dusty outside that although I have a huge fenced backyard, he's not allowed to go out. No photos because at present I'm blogging with a dialup connection, which is painfully slow. Also, my new computer doesn't even have a dialup port so I have to use my old one, which is making things even slower.

That's the update for today.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Have finally moved to my new home in rural Victoria.

The move was... painful. If I didn't have movers and if my friend didn't come along (thanks a billion, incidentally) I think I wouldn't have made it.

Anyway, somehow someway everything managed to be moved into the house and at 10pm at night I realized that although I had successfully packed everything in my house, I had forgotten to pack my glasses.

Spent the next 2 hours hoping that I had just misplaced it in some stupid place e.g. the dog toy basket, the cutlery box.

Woke up bright and early this morning and called my agent to implore him to look for it in my old apartment and true enough - I had left it there.

Poor friend (same friend who was forced into slave labour to help me move) now has to courier it to Benalla.

Other than that, Milton completely lost his head and forgot all his toilet training yesterday. Was driven up the wall but thankfully this morning he has finally realized that the new place to do his business is not in the house.

More when I settle a little bit more in.
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