Monday, October 25, 2010

End Of An Era

As my days in the country draw to a close, it's time for me to move on to my next blog to chronicle the next chapter of my life.

Life in the country has been great and I will still be living it for another couple of months. But I think now's the time to make the shift.

It's been a great journey. Email me at for my new blog address if you still care to continue reading about my life.

Feeling Loved

I moved into my new apartment last weekend.

My friends came over and helped me and my housemate build some Ikea furniture. To be completely honest, without their help we would probably still be there.

Instead, look at our new dining table! It's extendable, with the intention of saving space, of course.

Truly, I feel loved. To be honest, it's been hard. Moving back to Melbourne, trying to embrace a new life and everything that comes with it has been terrifying, to say the least. But with people who care for me, everything feels so much better.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

No. 44 - Eat At 50 New Eateries (57-60/50)

As always, food features prominently in all my trips away.

Went to Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney because although I've been to Sydney plenty of times, I have never actually been to this restaurant.  The buttermilk pancakes were pretty good but that's about it.

Zest Restaurant in Port Stephens. Very good, except for the risotto. I've been disappointed 3 times in a row in various restaurants - I think I'm never ordering that dish ever again. I'm not sure if it's because I like my risotto really firm or is everyone just making congee?

New Shanghai in Chatswood. Yummy.

Bub's Famous Fish and Chips in Nelson Bay, supposedly Award Winning. The batter they used was pretty good, but the chips were very ordinary and so was everything else to be honest. The Victorian winner, Fish In A Flash wins hands down.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No. 3 - Own A Home

I did it. I bought a piece of Melbourne.

A tiny piece, but a piece nonetheless.

I'm sure I'm going to be happy here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Hey Girl, thanks for the cookies
They were really very pretty
So much so I haven't eaten any
You made it yourself, really?"

"Hey Girl, how was your day?
Did you stay up very late?
Work was pretty busy today,
I'm driving home now, it's Tuesday."

I smile when you are around,
I always listen for your ringtone sound,
But you said no promises, just see where it goes,
That is the only way you know.
You said as long as we're happy together
Things will sort out, maybe ever after.
If it doesn't - well, we tried.
That's still a comfort right?

"Hey Girl, I'm going to be a little late,
Don't wait up, I've been delayed.
I'm sorry I didn't call last night,
I was too tired to talk, alright?"

"Hey Girl, what's your plans this weekend?
Wanna catch up for dinner, with friends?
I'll be busy both days, but that's okay,
I'll meet you after, straightaway."

I smile when you are around,
It's like I'm a child in a playground,
But you said no promises, just see where it goes,
That is the only way you know.
You said as long as we're happy together
Things will sort out, maybe ever after.
If it doesn't - well, we tried.
That's still a comfort right?

No. 44 - Eat At 50 New Eateries (55/50)

Went to DOC in Carlton, which specializes in mozzarella cheese. 

Ambience was nice, food was pretty good, but I think I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have because I was just too cheesed out by the end of it.

Too much of a good thing is bad.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emotional Struggle

I'm moving into a tiny apartment very soon. Having to downsize from a 3 bedroom family home into a 2 bedroom apartment the size of what seems like a handkerchief naturally involves a lot of ruthless downsizing and purging of items that one clearly no longer needs but for some reason just can't let go of.

I think I only use 20% of all the things I own regularly. Yet as I sit in front of my bookshelf, I can't let some of these books go. For example, what does one do with old dentistry notes? It seems silly that I should be attached to them - I don't even look at them but for some reason I just can't throw them out.

I haven't looked at them in the past 2 years and I highly doubt I will be in the next 20. But somehow I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.

And dentistry textbooks. And various gifts from people over the years that frankly, are just plain clutter. Yes, I sound very ungrateful here but really - for all future reference, Dental Girl would really prefer:

- edible gifts
- experience gifts
- fresh flowers

That way, once it's over it's gone. Although if you are so inclined to gift me a Birkin I have absolutely no objection to that sort of clutter.

I know I have to be ruthless and once it's out of my house in a week's time I won't even remember I ever had it in my life.

The struggle continues.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My 101 List Is Not Enough

Decided to pack my Port Stephens trip to the max and as much as possible. Seeing there were so many new experiences to be had, I realize that my current 101 list doesn't fit them all! Mainly because a few were a tad more ambitious than what I thought I would go for in 1001 days. Anyway, I'm counting them as items and will be deciding whether to:

  • Make it 150 in 1505 days
  • Start a new 101 list that will overlap the current one
Anyway, first things first. I went parasailing!

It was surprisingly not as scary as I thought it would be - a very smooth and silent flight over the bay - amazing views. You don't even get wet - they let you off from the boat and you land back on the boat. Would love to do it again sometime.

Also went on a camel ride over the sand dunes and along the beach. Very similar to horse riding, except slower. Pleasant.
Also went to a Shark and Ray center where you could put on a one size fits all (it's true - it really does fit all!) suit that keeps you bone dry while you wade waist deep in pools full of rays and sharks and feed them. Didn't take many photos because I didn't want to get my camera all fishy and wet, but it was quite enjoyable. One of the rays was about 2m wide and very friendly.

Also climbed up a hill - am very proud to say that I got to the top of it without having to stop. The view from the top was totally worth the climb! I'm not sure why I'm working in Benalla - I should be on the coast somewhere so that this is in my backyard.

Last but not least, we went fishing! I don't have pictures of my catch because I didn't want to touch any of my belongings when my hands were all fishy and baity. Which in hindsight now is kind of a shame. Anyway, my haul wasn't that great although I was happy to have caught anything at all. Caught 3 yellowtails, about 20-25cm long.

Fishing I realize, requires a lot of skill. Half the time I wasn't even sure if it was a bite or not. Also, the sea was pretty rough - I think if I go fishing again it'll either be from the shore or on a lake. Nonetheless, an experience to remember.

After that jam packed weekend of non stop activities, all very uncharacteristic of me (most of you would know that I'm usually a very sedentary sort of person who would really rather stay clean and dry) I think I have found my inner sporty person.

Yes, she exists. Somewhere. Very deep down.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I. Can't. Move. Without. Pain. Why. Did. I. Voluntarily. Go. To. A. Yoga. Class.

No. 44 - Eat At 50 New Eateries (53-54/50)

When we found out that Eaglehawk had an award baking bakery that made a vanilla slice that was the runner up to the Tatura Vanilla Slice, we knew we had to go and try it out.

Conclusion? The Tatura Vanilla Slice is still the best vanilla slice I've ever tasted. Their Whipstick Pie however, was really quite good and well deserving of their Gold Medal. Definitely comparable to Parker Pies in Rutherglen.

Straight after that we headed to the Boardwalk, which was situated right on the lake in Bendigo. Lovely view and the food was also yummy! 

It seems like all we do every time we travel is look for food. Well, it's true.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Childhood Entertainment

Last week I worked a grand total of 3 days and went away for 4 days to Port Stephens.

Kept myself amused on the short 1 hour flight from Albury to Sydney with this wordsearch puzzle.

Brought me back to the days when it kept me very happily occupied. Along with dot-to-dot activities. And coloring books.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


A friend of mine is now working in Yarrawonga. We decided to head up to visit him and here's a picture of the lake there.

Isn't it beautiful?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Been doing more ruthless purging around the house.

Realize that I've been dragging the same items that I never use from house to house for the past 8 years. Some things I can't let go of because they are 'meaningful'.

Meaningful shmeaningful.

Sometimes I don't let go because they might be useful 'some day'.

Some day shmome day. It's been 5 years and they still haven't been used.

They're all going out this time. I mean it!

All My Life

Today I left my house and I started walking
Barefooted out to the water
My eyes won't sleep
And I walked to the bridge where I once had met you
I can feel your footsteps under my feet
But now there's nothing I can do

All my life I've waited here for you
To make my dreams come true
The force to get me through
All my life like waves upon the sand
The ocean meets dry land
My heart is in your hands

I know I must be crazy or superstitious
But I swear I thought that maybe you'd be here
But now I look around you're in all my senses
But it breaks my heart to see a view so clear
Say you only needed time
Time has been so cruel
And there's nothing I can do

Chorus x 3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No. 22 - Take A Photo A Day For 30 Days (30/30)

Today, I dedicate this post to my iPhone. Who has been giving me minor quibbles ever since I updated the OS to 4.0. Should have just let it alone.

Now every time I have a call that's longer than say... 17 minutes it decides to reset itself. 

Extremely annoying!

On a more positive note, I have finally completed my take a photo a day for 30 days challenge! Very proud of myself. Now I just have to move on to bigger and better challenges... or just get ear candling done.

No. 44 - Eat At 50 New Eateries (52/50)

Spent a night out in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and was told by my friend that there's a pretty good Malaysian restaurant in that area and we should go check it out.

Me: What is it called?
Friend: Petaling Street.

Except he pronounced it petal-ing street. As in, the petal of a flower, followed by -ing. I cracked up laughing.

My friends make fun of my Malaysian accent all the time I felt it was only fair that I got to ridicule theirs for once.

Here we are, extremely excited to be confronted with Malaysian food.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

No. 44 - Eat At 50 New Eateries (56/50)

Went down to Melbourne intending to spend a good amount of time furniture shopping but all of that got derailed when we saw the lunch special at Number 8.

Anyone knows that Saturday lunch on the Yarra takes at least 2 hours.

It was a lovely day - weather is definitely warming up. Food was okay - the scallops were amazing (and I don't even like seafood!) but everything else was pretty run off the mill standard Modern Australian.

This also constitutes Photo No. 29 in my take photos every day for a month challenge. Almost there!
Have a sudden urge to work in retail. I don't know where I get these crazy ideas from.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

No. 44 - Eat At 50 New Eateries (51/50)

Baileys is a winery in Glenrowan set in a very pretty part of the country. The buildings are really old and rustic as well.

The food however, is rather mediocre. Don't think I'll go back there again anytime soon. Brown Brother's or Gapsted for me any time.


Friday, October 1, 2010

No. 22 - Take A Photo A Day For 30 Days (28/30)

To keep dentistry interesting, I change the landscape of my patient by switching the bib colors around every so often so that I get a change of scene.
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