Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All My Life

Today I left my house and I started walking
Barefooted out to the water
My eyes won't sleep
And I walked to the bridge where I once had met you
I can feel your footsteps under my feet
But now there's nothing I can do

All my life I've waited here for you
To make my dreams come true
The force to get me through
All my life like waves upon the sand
The ocean meets dry land
My heart is in your hands

I know I must be crazy or superstitious
But I swear I thought that maybe you'd be here
But now I look around you're in all my senses
But it breaks my heart to see a view so clear
Say you only needed time
Time has been so cruel
And there's nothing I can do

Chorus x 3


  1. hey is there somewhere i can listen to this song?

  2. All My Life is by Thirsty Merc. YouTube it.


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