Thursday, October 14, 2010

My 101 List Is Not Enough

Decided to pack my Port Stephens trip to the max and as much as possible. Seeing there were so many new experiences to be had, I realize that my current 101 list doesn't fit them all! Mainly because a few were a tad more ambitious than what I thought I would go for in 1001 days. Anyway, I'm counting them as items and will be deciding whether to:

  • Make it 150 in 1505 days
  • Start a new 101 list that will overlap the current one
Anyway, first things first. I went parasailing!

It was surprisingly not as scary as I thought it would be - a very smooth and silent flight over the bay - amazing views. You don't even get wet - they let you off from the boat and you land back on the boat. Would love to do it again sometime.

Also went on a camel ride over the sand dunes and along the beach. Very similar to horse riding, except slower. Pleasant.
Also went to a Shark and Ray center where you could put on a one size fits all (it's true - it really does fit all!) suit that keeps you bone dry while you wade waist deep in pools full of rays and sharks and feed them. Didn't take many photos because I didn't want to get my camera all fishy and wet, but it was quite enjoyable. One of the rays was about 2m wide and very friendly.

Also climbed up a hill - am very proud to say that I got to the top of it without having to stop. The view from the top was totally worth the climb! I'm not sure why I'm working in Benalla - I should be on the coast somewhere so that this is in my backyard.

Last but not least, we went fishing! I don't have pictures of my catch because I didn't want to touch any of my belongings when my hands were all fishy and baity. Which in hindsight now is kind of a shame. Anyway, my haul wasn't that great although I was happy to have caught anything at all. Caught 3 yellowtails, about 20-25cm long.

Fishing I realize, requires a lot of skill. Half the time I wasn't even sure if it was a bite or not. Also, the sea was pretty rough - I think if I go fishing again it'll either be from the shore or on a lake. Nonetheless, an experience to remember.

After that jam packed weekend of non stop activities, all very uncharacteristic of me (most of you would know that I'm usually a very sedentary sort of person who would really rather stay clean and dry) I think I have found my inner sporty person.

Yes, she exists. Somewhere. Very deep down.

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