Saturday, January 10, 2009

7pm, 10th of January 2009

I decided that I was not going to continue watching Mary Poppins on tv (frankly, after the first hour I realized it was going to be a tad tedious) and decided to take Milton out for an evening walk.

It was 7pm and my entire neighbourhood was deserted - did not meet a single soul. Clearly people in the country lock up early.

Milton's toilet training has been very erratic. Very upsetting. What have I done wrong?! Annoys me even more that he was close to 100% in the previous home and now he's down to about 80%.

Am waiting for my broadband to come next week. Been watching movies to pass time although I'm still sitting in a house that's still about 40% unpacked. Most of it are my study notes and clothes.

Study notes because who cares about studying anymore and clothes because what's the point in unpacking when I just wear the same 3-4 outfits day in day out and guess what? Nobody cares.

Back to the DVD player. I think I'm going to watch... Scrubs.

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