Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Library

I made my way to the library today knowing that I had to find as much entertainment as possible. Was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a huge array of craft books available - way more than what the city library had. I guess it means people out here spend a lot of their time doing crafts.

Saw quite a few things I wouldn't mind learning - napkin folding, knitted toys and small gift making. However, I decided to borrow Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban for a repeat read as well as a few childish trashy DVDS (so childish and trashy, I'm not going to name them).

Other than that, have been spending time unpacking. Question to readers - my dishwasher seems to only accept liquid dishwashing detergent, not tablets. Is that normal or am I an idiot who has not seen some other way to put in the tablets? Very confused.

Milton has been pretty happy here - this house is 3 times the size of the apartment so he can run around to his heart's content - inside. It's so dusty outside that although I have a huge fenced backyard, he's not allowed to go out. No photos because at present I'm blogging with a dialup connection, which is painfully slow. Also, my new computer doesn't even have a dialup port so I have to use my old one, which is making things even slower.

That's the update for today.


  1. Dialup on ur old laptop...must be agonizing.


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