Saturday, April 10, 2010

Current WIshlist

Looking at my past posts it seems like I have been blogging about food most of the time. Decided to mix things up and post up my newly updated wishlist. Most of these items have been on my wishlist for years.

Royal Doulton Signature Platinum Dinnerware - These are actually on sale right now but I can't decide if I should get them. Mainly because they have platinum rims and that means they can scratch, I can't put them in the dishwasher or the microwave and the cost a fortune. Was very close to just saying what-the-hey-I'm-a-dentist-I'm-buying-it but stepped into the Reject Shop today and realized a dinnerware set can be bought for the low low price of AUD15. Opinions, anyone?

On the subject of dinnerware, I have found my favourite kind of cutlery. Thing is, Reed & Barton is American and for the life of me I can't an online merchant that isn't in America that carries this brand.

The two designs are fairly similar but I think I have a slight preference towards the top one (Manor House) because it's heavier and I like heavy cutlery.

Kitchenaid Mixer - I really should have gotten one of these by now but somehow I haven't gotten round to it. The hand mixer that I have now is still alive and kicking and I guess it will always have a special place in my heart. My friends bought it for me for my 21st birthday and I think that is what kick started my love affair with baking. If I get a Kitchenaid I know my hand mixer will be demoted and I guess I feel sorry for it.

I feel the same way about my iBook. It's served me so well for so long it seems wrong to just walk out and buy a shiny new replacement.

Burberry Cashmere Scarf - Actually, I already have 2 of these. But as Ariel says in "The Little Mermaid", I want moreee. That song was all about discontent I'm not sure if Disney is sending the right message to generations of children!

Hermes Bearn Wallet - My dream wallet. Outrageously priced - I don't think I can ever bring myself to buy it. Plus, a wallet is such a high traffic item it is impossible to be careful with it.

A Red Bag - For most part, I am fairly happy with my current bag collection. There are only 2 missing items - a red bag and a white bag. I don't think I will ever be emotionally prepared to handle a pure white leather bag, so I think I shall aim for a red one first.

I like Epi Leather a lot. And in many ways I think that the Speedy is such a iconic bag it is a must have. In another way, it is so iconic everyone has it. Can't decide. Passy is probably a safer option. I think.

Tiffany Aria Earrings - Totally unnecessary and useless and easy to lose and overpriced and I want them!!!!!

My Dream Home - Was looking online at houses and saw this 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment for sale. I couldn't paint my dream house better than this. Walnut floor, french doors, white kitchen with an island... the lot. I can already imagine Milton in it. It is also well beyond what I could ever afford.

Some may call this post materialistic and shallow - which I guess it is. But for me, one should just look at these items and call it what they are - beautiful things that would be nice to have. Surely it is not wrong to dream?


  1. i think Milton would fit in to any home as long as u r in it with him. :) but the colour combo of tat dream house was matching him well. ;p

  2. hmmm the epi red is no longer this lovely! it is now a liver red... so lucky that u got the agenda!

    TOTALLY... agree on the importance of beautiful things in life.

  3. i think the house is gorgeous as well (:


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