Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wangaratta Jazz Festival

When I suggested to my housemate that it would be a good idea for us to go away somewhere during the Melbourne Cup Weekend because how often do we get 4 days free of work - what did she say?

"We came to work in this area because of the Wangaratta Jazz Festival! So I'm definitely staying to experience it."

"My career path was determined by the Wangaratta Jazz Festival???"

Had a small mental breakdown over it.

Anyway, I was too sick to go anywhere anyway this weekend so I guess it all worked out. Went to one of the local wineries to see a live performance.

See me looking so happy there? That was before I tasted one of the worst ravioli I ever paid money for. For the astronomical sum of $15.

Never going back there again.

That said, the jazz performance was good. It was held in one of the barns and that was when I realized that small twinkly lights can be very effective in dressing up a place.

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