Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No. 43 - Try 50 New Recipes (20/50)

I love making souffles. Thing is, I never make enough of them because of the fact that it has to be eaten right here right now before it sinks.

However, since we had 4 to dine last night I decided to go ahead with it. Followed every single souffle trip and trick in the book and ended up with this:

2.5cm above the rim of the ramekin!! I was so proud of myself.

See the one at the back? That was the first one out of the oven and it sank to that in about... 1 minute. Shows how time sensitive these little things are.

Recipe from here. With a couple of modifications to the ramekin prep, which makes all the difference in the height of the souffle.

1. Brush with melted butter evenly all the way to the top surface of the rim and sugar the entire surface very very well. That's going to make sure the souffle rises all the way up and out of the ramekin.

2. Make paper sleeves and tie it around the ramekins to help the souffle creep up further.

It's very very rewarding. Definitely recommend you guys try it at home.

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