Sunday, June 21, 2009

20 Things That Make You Happy

1. Milton coming up to me and asking for some attention by crawling into my lap, positioning his head right under my hand for optimal petting convenience, etc.

2. Freshly laundered bedsheets.

3. A perfectly squeezed tube of toothpaste.

4. Trying a new recipe and having it turn out well.

5. Finding exactly what I want on sale.

6. Speedy and reliable internet connection.

7. Not having to stop at any roundabouts on the drive to and back from work.

8. Receiving parcels in the mail.

9. Easy extractions - the ones where you put the forcep on, do a nice gentle twist and it just pops out.

10. Wearing a very good pair of socks.

11. Finding unexpected money in a forgotten place e.g. pockets, under the car seat etc.

12. Arriving exactly at the right moment to catch public transport - no waiting time!

13. Emptying the vacuum cleaner bin - allows me to quantify how much work I've done.

14. Having patients tell me that I'm a gentle dentist.

15. Tea and scones for weekend breakfasts.

16. Getting a good haircut.

17. Being warm and snug in bed in the depth of winter.

18. The beach.

19. Soft serve cone from Macca's at the end of a hard day.

20. A constant and accessible supply of chocolate at hand.

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