Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Milton Is An Intelligent Dog

1. He learned what 'mam mam' means in about 2 meals. For those who are staring at the screen thinking 'wtf?', mam mam is food - in Asian baby talk.

2. When I say 'Walkies, Milton?' he'll dash to the front of the house, revving to go for his walk.

3. He can sit, turn around, down and shake hands with non verbal cues. Without any treats!

4. The moment I semi-wake up in the morning, even if I pretend to be fast asleep he knows I'm faking it and will stand up on his two front paws on my bed frame and paw at me until I get up. Because who else is going to serve breakfast?

5. He's getting there in terms of toilet training. Sure, although I have said the word 'toilet' to him 10 000 times and he still doesn't seem to fully get it but got 'mam mam' in 2 goes, that doesn't make him a failure does it?

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