Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Little Something

Saw these canisters online a few weeks ago and couldn't really justify their price. After all, are they not just glass and some stainless steel vacuum covers?

Anyway, saw some in my little town a few days ago at a pretty good price because it was still the 'old' price - clearly they were so expensive that even at the pre-marked up price nobody bought them. Anyway, decided to ponder over it for a while and left it on the shelf.

Went back today and imagine my horror when I saw new stock with their new prices on the shelf!! Was kicking myself but thankfully, the salesperson told me there were still 2 sets left from the old stock.

Coughed up and was told by my friend who was with me to stop pondering and start buying every time I'm not sure to save myself emotional trauma.

Am a proud owner of shiny pretty canisters! :D

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