Sunday, March 28, 2010

On The Lookout

I have managed to really busy myself over the past week. As a result, I've been feeling a lot more energetic and just generally more cheerful.

Have therefore concluded that if I perpetually have interesting things to do I do not have time to wallow in any form of destructive behaviour.

Seeing that I have just finished doing a whole lot of cooking, I thought I'd take a break from the kitchen and explore other possible options to keep myself occupied.

Have concluded I don't want to do any form of hobby that involves

  • collecting things - what am I supposed to do with said collected items? Hate clutter!
  • making things - what am I supposed to do with the finished products?
That leaves me with either things involved with

  • food
  • physical activity - Exercise? Dance? Meditation?
  • artistic expression - Photography? Writing? Music?
  • reading
Somehow nothing seems to have struck my fancy. 

Picked up my housemate's flute for about 10 minutes and very quickly got very bored.

Hope some inspiration comes to me soon.

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