Thursday, November 12, 2009

Benalla Festival

It was Benalla Festival last weekend and we went down on the Saturday night to the lake to watch the fireworks.

It was probably the first time I've ever had such a good view and it was really nice to be there with the crowd (which wasn't that crowdy) and watch the show.

Pretty exciting stuff. Not sure if I'm being sarcastic or not. Starting to get very home-bound and unworldly.

Then the day after it was the Benalla Craft Market at the Rose Garden.

There was someone riding around on a penny farthing! How quaint, no? The roses are all now in full bloom as well.

In this picture, on the left is a man making wooden figurines and such with a traditional spinning wheel thingy. Then on the top right, I'm looking really excited because I spotted 2 of my interests in the same section: astronomy and plaster painting.

Astronomy because I have always been fascinated with the night sky, plaster painting because there's a childhood memory associated with it.

When I was young I went to Vacation Bible School (VBS) and one of the projects we got to do was to paint a plaster figure. I painted a beautiful grey kitten and the teachers put it out to dry. Unfortunately, someone stepped on it and smashed it to bits.

Just thinking of it is making me sad again... *sniffles*

Anyway, I have to say I was extremely tempted to paint another plaster figure to make up for the one I lost. However, decided I was a serious dentist and stopped myself in time.

Ended the day sitting under a tree with a sausage slathered in tomato sauce and onions, sandwiched in trashy white bread. One of my big weaknesses in life. Every time I see a store selling these I have to get one. It's soo bad it's soo good!

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