Monday, April 27, 2009

Have dragged down my musty old electric blanket that I bought during my Trinity days from the depths of my closet and set it up on my bed. Mmm...artificial heat. I used to hate it because it felt so fake but now I'd take anything warm - artificial, natural, anything!

Been attempting to clean up my room (a perpetual attempt, seeing that once I get it 'perfect' I destroy that state instantaneously by throwing something on the floor or cluttering up my desk again. Apparently it's a perfectionist's way of facing the world - or so a book I've read has said.

Also, have realized that when I eat oranges I get ulcers and when I don't - I don't. Which is a shame, because I love oranges.

Songs that are stuck in my head:

It's Alright, It's Okay - I'm so much better without you - I won't be sorry.

Love Struck - I'm crazy for you, and just like a fool - there's no way I can stop stop stop my desire!

Yes, I'm slowly reverting back to my 13 year old teenage girl self.

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