Thursday, March 12, 2009

Country Women

"If you're going to live on a property, you've got to be sensible and practical" - Mother of Farmer Wants A Wife contestant

Am currently watching the 3rd season of Farmer Wants A Wife. Yes, I love watching it. Have gotten rather involved in it now. Anyway, I have to agree with that statement because when I was out on someone's property last weekend, I was shown what a country woman should be like.

A wasp had flown into the house. Now - being the city girl that I am, I naturally edged away from that area. Not these women.

Woman 1: There's a wasp in the house! Better get rid of it before it stings someone.
Woman 2: Where's the insect spray?
Woman 3: No don't worry, I've got it.

Woman 3 then proceeds to take a magazine, smacks the wasp to death with it and disposes of it with her bare hands. Unruffled, the entire episode was over in about 20 seconds.

No hysterics, no screaming, no pretending there isn't a problem, no calling husbands to the rescue.

Compare that to this.

I'm just not cut out for country living.

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