Thursday, September 9, 2010

No. 44 - Eat At 50 New Eateries (45/50)

Last weekend I went to see The Nutcracker at the Palais at St Kilda. For our pre-theatre meal, we decided to go to Slow Down!, which was right across the road from it.

The food definitely exceeded my expectations. I didn't take any photos though because I forgot to. The experience was rather memorable - the waiter we had was quite the bumbler.

To be honest, I'm not sure if he was bumbling on purpose or he was naturally uncoordinated and unsure about the menu and how the place ran. Here's a few things he did:

  • When he handed us the menus - "Uhm...yeah I'm sorry but we only have 2 menus. I think." There were 3 of us.
  • When it came to explaining the pre-theatre menu - "So for the entree we have gnocchi and the main we have lamb". Co-worker comes up and says... "No.... for the entree we have calamari or soup, and for the main it's either lamb or gnocchi."
  • When it came to dessert, he almost dropped it.
The list goes on.

Food however, was excellent. Highly recommended. So was the ballet.

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