Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bendigo, Part 2

We decided to go horse riding and try our hand at pottery when we were in Bendigo. 

Here we are with our horses. Mine was called Troy and he didn't really seem to want to be there. He kept wanting to stop to eat grass and refused to trot when he was told to. 

The last time I went horse riding was about 6 years ago so I have to say I had a pretty good time. It's not something one does every day.

We also tried out hand at pottery. I was very pleased with the bowl that I produced - we have sent them off to get glazed and we'll receive them in about 3-4 weeks. Can't wait!

I wouldn't have minded getting more proficient at pottery making. I guess the problem with these hobbies is... what does one do with the end products? The older I get, the less desire I have to have lots of things - probably because I keep moving so often.

Thus ended our adventures in Bendigo.

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