Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend in Benalla

My friend came over last night and we sat down to watch TV together while eating combination fried noodles from Kim Wah Restaurant.

These combination fried noodles are amazing! It's basically a stir fry with a variety of meats and vegetables, served with deep fried rice noodles. None of us (we're from all corners of Asia) have ever seen this dish before anywhere else. We've concluded it has to be a Benalla specialty and we love it!

I actually haven't been well - my entire practice has been stricken with the flu and I just caught it on Thursday. I was feeling cold the whole night and attributed it to my illness - only to discover that my friend was feeling unusually cold too.

Checked the thermotat and realized... My heating is not working again.

This is probably the 5th or 6th time the ducted heating and cooling has broken down and of course it had to happen over the weekend, and over a weekend that I'm in Benalla, at that.

So here I am holed up in my room with my one portable heater, longing for Monday so that the plumber can come and fix it for the  umpteenth time.


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