Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So for the last 3-4 months I've gotten into this state where I come home from work, talk on the phone, chat to people on the internet, talk on the phone some more, watch silly YouTube videos, talk on the phone some more, read in bed, talk to my housemate, talk on the phone some more and fall asleep.

Very unproductive.

However, last night I managed to drag myself out of the house into the Benalla Cinema to watch SATC2. Yes, movies come out about 3 months later than the original screening time where I am.

Anyway, after that I felt a lot better and managed to blitz through my laundry and housework this morning (I love my Wednesday mornings off!) and finally got round to applying for private health insurance. Oh, I even managed to get round to doing my monthly Continuing Education homework. So very proud of myself.

Now, I just have to:

  • drag myself to the bank and start talking about the possibility of getting a home loan
  • get income protection insurance
  • redecorate my surgery now that I know that I'm going to be there for another 18 months - it's worth the trouble
  • start looking at possible future homes in Melbourne
Yes, it's a horribly grown up list of things to do. 

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