Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Shoes On My Feet? I Bought It.

If people have been wondering what I've been doing with my semi-disposable income, they've been invested into shoes. Shoes that I do not need but could not leave behind.

Something occurred to me while I was sitting in Jimmy Choo, trying to decide which shoes to buy. As girls came in with their partners, fawning over these amazing shoes, conversation ran along these lines.

Girl: Aren't they beautiful??
Partner: ... That's a thousand dollar pair of shoes. That's just insane! Let's go.

As much as I dislike hard work, it is work that has bought me this life. I guess it is not so bad to be an independent woman.


  1. ooo... i love the 2nd pair... nice!

  2. Oh my, this post is like totally out of an SATC episode.

    love the mustard colour and the hot red! Now to get a red bag, dahling!

  3. stunners!!!!!!!

    once u go down the route of lavish bags and shoes... it's the end ain't it?

    work today doesn't seem so bad afterall... haha

  4. unfortunately there are the watches next. damn.

  5. I'll have to agree with Gie, this post totally reeks of SATC :D

    Oooh, and that is one GORGEOUS RED!

  6. WOW good job ev! stuff the flow chart.


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