Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food Weekend

My childhood friend has grown up and is now an air stewardess. She came for a flying visit to Melbourne and we met up for Koko Black, dinner and a night of trying out her skincare range.

Koko Black - I just love it. Seems like I can never get enough of their things.

Pop Restaurant - Located on Hardware Lane. Service was excruciatingly slow but I guess we weren't really in much of a hurry so it was okay. (32/50 on my new restaurants list)

World Cafe - After I said goodbye and checked out of the hotel, I headed down to Southbank armed with a trashy Woman's Day magazine and proceeded to enjoy my Saturday morning with a nice latte and some eggs. Felt so good to just spent time with myself and the city and watch the world go by. (33/50 on my list)

My birthday is less than 3 weeks away. Spent the weekend deciding what I was going to buy for myself. Have made up my mind. Will post when I receive it.

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