Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Saturday In Shepparton

Went down for the day to visit my friend in Shepparton. She had promised me a fun-filled day.

The first thing we did was to seek out the best vanilla slice in Victoria - or so they claim. It's in the town of Tatura, about 15 minutes out of Shepparton.

Vanilla slice and my steak and mushroom pie - Vanilla slice was good. Steak and mushroom pie nothing extraordinary.

We then went to seek out chocolate coated toffee apples. The store was quite interesting - particularly the pear in the bottle (picture bottom left). Turns out they pop baby pears into the bottle while they're still small enough to fit through the neck and then hang the bottle up with the pear until it's fully grown.

Anyway, here's the chocolate toffee apple. Very sticky - idea better than the actual thing.

Also went to a lavender farm, which did not have much lavender.

All in all, had a good day. Went shopping as well and bought my first dress in like... 2 years or something like that. Felt good. Then went home to drink white nectarine wine while watching The Proposal. Easy viewing, but very predictable.

Thus ends my Saturday.

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