Friday, September 4, 2009

Thus ends another week of dentistry. Which means the start of a huge baking weekend!

Have bought new toys - 5 stainless steel mixing bowls in graduated sizes. For 10 bucks. Or rather, $9.95. I absolutely love Aldi sometimes.

Anyway, acquiring more bakeware just means that I have more ideas on things to bake which means I need more bakeware, ingredients and utensils. Currently wanting:

1. Another Le Creuset - a smaller saucepan would be an excellent addition to our humble home.

2. A baby saucepan. By baby I mean 250-500ml capacity. I have specific reasons for wanting this.

3. Various different serving platters, plates, ramekins, glasses, etc.

4. A KitchenAid. I'm in 2 minds about this. On one hand yes, I do want one. On the other hand, my handheld mixer has served me well for the past 3 years and cleans up really quickly and easily. On the other hand, maybe I don't know what I'm missing and a life changing experience is awaiting.

5. All kinds of Asian ingredients not available in Benalla e.g. bean sprouts, lap cheong, beancurd puffs etc.

6. A marble board. For chocolate work. Saw one at Aldi a few months ago for a ridiculously low price and said ,' Whatever would i want it for? It's not like I'm interested in chocolate work." and left it. And now they're not there anymore. Silly me! Please show some sympathy - my housemates have ceased to display any because apparently variations of this story crop up in our conversation weekly. Apparently if I'm stupid enough not to act on the spot, I deserve to be punished in this manner.

7. Various baking dishes - I'd like a pie dish, mini bundt pans, a tube pan, etc.

9. Spatulas of all shapes and sizes.

So many things, so little time. And money. And space. And people to feed.

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