Friday, August 7, 2009

A week into my fabulously french manicured nails, I noticed a problem.

My nails were getting a slightly patchy yellow discoloration, and I couldn't figure out why.

I don't clean, I don't wash, all I do is do dentistry and cook.

My dental assistant was the one who guessed it right. Got home and got my housemate to guess what it was that was causing the discoloration to occur.

Housemate: Gloves?
Me: Nope. Not gloves.
Housemate: Handwash?
Me: Nope, not handwash.
Housemate: Gimme a clue.
Me: It happens when I have my gloves on.
Housemate: So it goes through the gloves? Nothing goes through gloves! Umm... blood??
Me: And blood goes through gloves HOW?
Housemate: Oh...yeah. Hmmm. Composite?
Me: And composite goes through gloves HOW?
Housemate: Alright give up!
Me: The curing light.

Yup, and seeing that I can't not use curing lights in dentistry, this career has officially robbed me of lovely manicured nails. The way it robbed me of my long curly hairstyle, my dangly earrings, my bracelets, my rings, my makeup and very soon, possibly my sanity.

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