Sunday, August 23, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

A trip down to Melbourne these days is strictly business. Go down with a list, tick off everything and come back.

The only thing that I didn't manage to do was visit the bank. For some reason the the only branch that opens on Saturday mornings has closed down. Might have to switch to a bank that actually has a branch in Benalla to save me the trouble from now on.

Anyway, my housemate splurged on a portrait lense for her camera and we played with it for the rest of the night. Here are my spoils, photographed with her new toy.

Clockwise from top

1. Crystal shot glasses. I have grand plans for these - they'll very likely be featured heavily in the future.
2. A digital weighing scale, a new piping tip and a stacking mold.
3. Funnels. What for? Funneling, naturally.

Pretty satisfied.

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