Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just spent half the night looking for the blade that goes with my food processor.

Needed my food processor because I wanted to grind down coarse table sugar down to caster sugar.

Searched the entire kitchen from top to bottom 4.5 times until finally I decided to look through my cookie cutter box a little more thoroughly and there it was.

Why was it doing in there? I have no idea. Either I put it in there in one of my 'Let's put this in a safe place' moments or it wanted a break and went there to hide.

Safe places. I've put so many things in these so called safe places only to forget where I put them, because it was in such a safe place I couldn't remember where it was. It's a very annoying habit of mine and I should really stop it.

Anyway, as a result, my cake went into the oven at 10.40pm and it takes 1 and a half hours to bake and another hour to rest in the oven with the oven door halfway open. Which means if I'm lucky I might be able to eat it at... 1am?

Yes, it's a cheesecake. A Japanese cheesecake, no less.

Pictures to follow if it doesn't sink.

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