Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dry White Wine

When I decided that I was moving to the country, naturally we had to seek accommodation. There were 3 houses to pick from.

One was in terrible condition - out of the question.

One had dark floorboards, a walk in wardobe and pantry, but had only one carport.

Then we came to the house that I currently live in today. It didn't have anything out of ordinary, but everything was pretty clean and new and good. We walked into the informal lounge room and saw a bar table.

Housemate: O.m.g. is this going to come with the house??
Owner: No, it's ours... we'll be moving it when we leave.

2 months later, I was pleasantly surprised when I moved in - the owner knew how much my housemate liked it and decided to leave it for us!

Yes, that's the amount of alcohol in our house. In our defense, we don't drink every day. In fact, we only have a polite cocktail or glass of wine every week or so. However, this is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about dry white wine and cooking.

My housemates have said that there's been a definite increase in the quality of food that I've been churning out daily. I can only think of several things that may have attributed to this change:

1. I'm just naturally getting better. I mean really, when one cooks every day surely one gets proficient? Eventually?
2. My Le Creuset pot is a magical pot - nothing bad can come out of it.
3. Dry white wine. Really makes a difference to creamy sauces.
4. When I'm stressed, I read tons of food blogs and recipes to keep my mind off things. So I guess knowing the theory helps the practical side of things.
5. My Le Creuset pot is a magical pot.

The end.

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  1. o-m-g! you could start a bar on friday nights at your place!


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