Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No. 64 - Make Fresh Pasta

Have been playing with the idea of making fresh pasta for a very long time now - but have always put it off because I would have to get a pasta machine. Which would mean I would make fresh pasta once and then the machine would sit to rot for the rest of its natural life. Which is a complete waste.

However, as I went for the weekly grocery shop at Aldi (yes, I enjoy extremely cheap shopping), I came across this pasta machine. For $19.95. Concluded that I would just buy the machine, make my pasta and be done with it. After all, am I not a 'rich' dentist as everyone has been constantly reminding me? And so I did.

Interestingly, right next to it was a motorized pasta machine. As if you need a motorized pasta machine... how lazy can you get? I thought. I soon found out why.

Made the dough in my food processor instead of using my bare hands - and even with the help of that my hands were still sore from the final kneading! Then of course, it came to the actual pasta rolling and shaping.

It is not easy. I know everyone knows I'm not known for my brawn, but it really does take quite a lot of effort to roll the dough thin - because the dough is so firm. Anyway, here are the results:

Made 3 types - fettuccine, spaghetti and some broad strips for the sake of it.

Can't wait to cook a pasta meal now!

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