Sunday, July 19, 2009

No. 27 - Play A Game Of Bingo

Had a big night out with my work colleagues. Hit the bingo scene of our little town.

Was particularly excited when I saw bingo specific stamps - they're little round stamps that you use to stamp out the numbers. Had to buy one. Wish I bought more after that because after a while, orange kinda got a bit boring. However, since this is likely to be the first and last time I play this game, I guess one shall do.

Clockwise: The bingo venue, my trusty little stamper, my book all stamped out, a pristine new sheet ready to go.

There were many experts at the hall - some of them were playing 8-9 games at a time, which to me was mind boggling - they read out the numbers pretty quick so you have to be nimble.

Didn't win, although it was quite exciting. And now I know exactly how the game goes.

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