Monday, July 6, 2009

Laurastar SteamUp G4

In the quest for the perfect iron, I searched online and was duly informed by various forums that the Laurastar iron was the best iron, hands down - ever.

Went to the showroom and wasn't entirely convinced. Sure - it blasted tons of steam out (about 3-4 times what an average iron would, about 2-3 feet as opposed to 10cm) but the stubborn creases seemed to persist.

Salesperson of the century came over and told me that in 3 days time I would refuse to part with it, and he would back it up. If I wasn't happy with it after 3 days, I could send it back. It apparently was comparable to the Dyson Experience.

Brought it home and proceeded to iron the entire contents of my wardrobe.

7 hours later, I still had small creases here and there, but figured probably that's just how it is. That or perhaps my ironing technique wasn't the best.

Next morning, woke up and decided to have an iron off between my old steam iron ($20 bucks from Safeway) and this Swiss made steam generator, supposedly best iron in the world (many, many many times the price of a Safeway iron).

2 hours and many indecisive moments later, I had to conclude that if I still had to be indecisive as to whether there was a difference or not, there was no difference! The Laurastar was maybe.... 15% better. If you looked really closely. What it was good at was removing creases in silk and cashmere items (I have maybe a grand total of 5 of those in my wardrobe). But normal ironing was not out of the world.

Sending it back. Salesperson wasn't too happy when he heard it.

"Nobody else has ever said this to me. Why are you unhappy?"

Me: It's a good iron, but not that good. Not like the Dyson Experience.

So that's that.

On the plus side, I have completed another thing on my 101 list.

No. 95: Learn How To Iron Properly.

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