Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dental Girl's Bur Kit

I have not made many posts about my life as a dentist. Indeed, much less now than what I used to do as a dental student.

The reason is obvious - I can't talk about my patients to the wide world without the potential of being you know... sued or something. Plus, I can't tell any funny stories about what happened at work because... well, funny stories are usually funny for bad reasons.

What I will talk about today however, is something nice and vaguely interesting. Maybe. My set of burs.

This bur kit was custom set up especially for me. My boss has his own set too. I have to admit it makes me feel loved to have my very own set. Although really - it's a pretty standard set up.

What's my favourite bur? Hmm....

After much thought, I've decided I like the 3rd from the left the most - the 'flame'. It's a polishing bur. Why is it my favourite? It gets rid of all the sharp corners and produces a really nice smooth flat surface. Also, it's the last bur I use before doing my final fine polishing - which means when I pick it up the filling is almost finished!! :)

Okay. I think this is one of my stupidest blog posts ever. But I'm putting it up anyway.

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