Monday, May 18, 2009


Haven't really had time to put up stuff about the places that I've visited since I've been up here. Shall start small at Myrtleford, a little town on the way to Bright. Stopped by there on the way home from Bright for a snack.

Milton - Tied up next to us while we waited for our meal and he proceeded to dig at the gravel.

Butter Factory - It claimed to be a butter factory but to be honest, didn't even see a pat of it.

Cheese Platter For Two - Yummy. Particularly like the orange colored condiment, which turned out to be Iranian Carrot Jam. Interesting.

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  1. Hi just read your blog. We do make butter, only for the cafe and retail sale at the moment, the building was a butter factory that closed in 1966. We are starting up commercial production later this year as we seem to get a lot of visitors asking "can we see the butter being made?". Next time you can ask to taste the butter, we will happily oblige.


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