Sunday, May 10, 2009


Fell asleep and was transported to my dad's clinic back home in Malaysia. Was finishing up work there and stepped out into the dark parking lot and quickly got into the car. Someone got into the car from the other side. Tried to hit him but he told me that he thinks my car was robbed - can't I see all my things in the car are gone?

Didn't know who to trust or what to do and in my confusion I fainted.

Came to with the policeman (who happened to be one of my demonstrators at uni) explained to me that the culprit had kindly returned my essential items e.g. passport, driver's licence but not my credit cards or wallet.

Spent the rest of the dream trying to file an insurance claim in Malay. I never dream in Malay.

Woke up.

Fell asleep again and was also in my hometown in front of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce or whatever that is (for Batu-Pahatians, it's that building opposite the post office). Best friend was with me on her laptop having a MSN conversation with her beau, who happened to be in that building. There was some strange event going on in that building and I heard snippits of the speeches in Mandarin (I never dream in Chinese) saying how my friend is his number one and he's so glad she's in his life.

Woke up.

I think I'm going slightly crazy.

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