Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Internet Shopping

Being in the middle of nowhere has it advantages - rent is cheaper.... um...yeah, that's about it. Oh, and there's nothing to buy around here so you end up spending less as well.

Have been getting my shopping fixes through the internet. This came about 2 months ago but have only managed to muster up the energy to blog about it now:

1. Menu Water Jug - Yes! Finally! Very pretty water jug that well... contains water. Yes, I know I didn't have to spend all that money when I could have just used a Home Brand plastic bottle.

2. More Avanti food canisters - will post up a picture when I have accumulated the entire family. Too pricey to buy all at one shot.

3. Alessi Floss Holder - Also featured in another blog post, I finally succumbed to spending ridiculous amounts of money on a floss holder. Decided on a red one. Looks happy in my bathroom.

4. Loose Leaf Tea - Have always loved French Earl Grey tea, which I first experienced in Dandenong Hills. Since I couldn't go there I decided to order that as well as a range of other teas from their website.

Really happy with my choices, even 2 months after.

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