Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No. 98 - Buy Chocolate For Myself

When I was a poor lowly 3rd year dental student, I went to Cacao and fell in love with their wooden boxes that they used to put their chocolates in. I told myself that when I was a less poor and less lowly dentist, I would come back and buy one for myself.

And so I did. Also managed to get a discount on it because my friend who works there was with me. Woohoo!

Haven't eaten any yet. I guess when you wait for something for 3 years, you cherish it just that little bit more.


  1. Hey, I got some of these for my last birthday! They weren't in a wooden box though. I feel bad now, for not cherishing them as much as they apparently deserve.

  2. so pretty! i wouldn't have the heart to eat any of those chocolates too. hmm i reckon i may eat one, then go buy another to replace it. hehe.

  3. chocolates...!!! i can't eat them... got 4 packs of Hershey's Truffles in the fridge. the bf has been snacking on them. -_-
    get rid of my sore throat n cough please!!! :-(


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