Friday, May 29, 2009


Seems to me that every weekend we are on the path for something interesting to do to break the monotony of working full time. This weekend we decided to head over to historic town of Beechworth.

Driver of the Day

Soft Serve Cone - Quick stop at Macca's to satisfy my craving. I'm addicted to these things. Every time I have a bad day at work I drive thru and get one of these to cheer myself up.

Beechworth Honey - The flagship store of the popular honey brand in Australia.

Honey Tasting - A whole tableful of various types of honey up for sale. They were all very sweet and sticky. The way almost all honeys are.

Friend In Honey Heaven

Sparkling Honey Nectar - Yummy, even though it was pretty much just honey in carbonated water. So much sugar that I actually got a sugar headache after that, if that's possible.

Cheese - Love cheese. Look at their display!

At the lookout - Completed the 5km Gorge Scenic Drive around Beechworth. Stopped at one of the lookouts for photos.

On the way home

Quite a successful trip. Came home and watched He's Just Not That Into You with some soup, a cheese platter and wine. Life isn't so bad after all.

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