Thursday, April 2, 2009

17 MO

Finished work on Wednesday and felt a twinge in my 17.

Reflected that I have not had a checkup recently and was a bit worried. After all, I do eat snakes (of the confectionery variety, not actual snakes) in between patients to keep my energy and sugar levels up.

Got home and got my housemate (also a dentist) to have a look.

She: You have a stained fissure. Looks carious. Probably needs a filling.
Me: ...You're kidding?!!
She: Nope. Definitely something going on there.

Got into work today and asked my boss to please please please have a look at it. Took a set of bitewings and got an exam.

No caries - only a hypomineralized mesial pit on my 17.

Now that I know that there's no decay, I'm going back to my high sugar diet.


1 comment:

  1. You could stay off sugar.
    Then you would burn your energy in a balanced way, give less energy to the world, and have more sustained energy for yourself.

    But its hard! It does take practice. Nibble green and purple beans instead of snakes?
    Eat very dark chocolate - its naturally low sugar.

    Dentists do heroic work, and need to be taken care of.


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