Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Risky Undertaking

So I'm going up to Shepparton on Friday to some ADA thingamee to amass some CPD points. Then on Saturday morning there's another ADA thingamee down in Melbourne to amass more CPD points.

What's Milton to do?

a) Bring him up to Shepparton with me and then leave him with a friend in Melbourne when I go up.
b) Drive up and back from Shepparton on Friday, then do a day trip to Melbourne. Milton stays home all the while.
c) Don't go up to Melbourne at all and waste those CPD points.

Both have drawbacks. Option (a) means that he might potentially pick up some insanely bad habit that will take months to train out of him. For example, the last time I left him his toilet training was set back 2 months. That experience has left me... unwilling to take risks.

Option (b) means I have less time to spend in Melbourne and he'll be alone at home for most of Saturday.

Optin (c) means I'll have to find CPD points elsewhere - which may not be easy.

What to do what to do....

And no - I can't kennel him. All the kennels are fully booked now (school holidays).

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