Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Cosy Kangaroo

Went to Bright last weekend.

I love it. Kind of reminds me of Fraser's Hill back home, except much cleaner and colder and quainter.

Was pouring when we arrived (the rare moments where it does rain in this area) so we dashed across the road and huddled, wet and shivering in the Cosy Kangaroo.

Proceeded to order a very late lunch:

Chestnut Flour Pancakes - Apparently Bright is famous for chestnuts. Also, it's gluten-free. Served with maple syrup and ice cream.

Devonshire Tea

Triple stacked sandwich - Yummy, but difficult to eat due to its thickness.

Lattes - Served with a chocolate freckle thingie. A tad unorthodox.

Had a great time in Bright. Will definitely go back in autumn when the leaves are ready to fall. I've been told it's extraordinary.

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