Sunday, February 22, 2009


Went back to Melbourne for a fleeting weekend visit where I ate as much Asian food as possible and shopped as much as possible.

Not that I actually bought anything - the only thing I got was a cardigan because I was stupid enough not to pack one and was freezing when night fell.

There were things that I wanted though - went to LV and tried on a pair of ballerina flats that felt like I was walking on marshmallows. Problem was that they didn't have the color I wanted.

Was also considering buying a tv but 46 inch tv boxes don't fit into cars. The good news is...

Me: How much would it cost to deliver this to the country?
Salesperson: Which part?
Me: The little town of X.
Salesperson: X? What are you doing in X?? I'm from X.
Me: I'm a dentist and I need a good tv for entertainment.
Salesperson: I totally agree. Come here *looking around the store furtively*. Go to this store, ask for this salesperson and tell him to give you this price. And if he doesn't feel free to tell him that I send him a punch to his head. This way you save on delivery.

What are the odds?


  1. lucky that you asked that salesperson about it then! actually, why do you want to go to X, a small town to work instead of working in Melbourne?

  2. Well, it's easier to get a full time job in small towns out of Melbourne. Also, you get more experience. So yeah, here I am. :)

  3. I want that salesperson's number! He sounds awesome. :P


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