Sunday, February 8, 2009

Current Wishlist

Am going through a craze of Scandinavian and Italian homewares. Current wishlist is as follows:

Menu Water Jug - Been searching high and low for the right water jug to have on my table so that I don't have to keep going to the kitchen to refill my glass every time I need a drink. Sure, I do have a $2 plastic pitcher from the dollar store that's about 6 years old but surely it's time to upgrade? Anyway, it's very hard to find a jug that looks nice and has a cover and this fulfills both criteria.

Alessi Toothpaste Cover - This little guy goes where the toothpaste cap is meant to go. Lift his hand and toohpaste will come out of his mouth!! I think it's rather cute.

Eva Solo Smiley Bowl - Looks pretty and really functions as two bowls in one.

Russell & Hobbs Panini Maker - Had great toasted sandwiches at my friend's place at Shepparton yesterday and am considering investing in one of these...

Alessi Floss Holder - Argh so cute!!!

Sony Bravia W Series - TV being one of the few sources of entertainment in the country, I'm thinking of investing in a good one since we will be spending so much quality time together...

Jacob Jensen Alarm Clock - The last alarm clock I had is a traditional one with the 2 bells that really rings. The alarm part of it stopped working maybe 2-3 years ago but it still works as a clock. Have been surviving on my handphone to wake me up since then.

1 comment:

  1. oo i love the water jug, very stylish. and i'm thinking of getting a sandwich press too, no more overpriced cafe paninis.


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